On Wednesday, March 11th, Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine, made the following statement:

“I am recommending all indoor sporting events in the state of Ohio go without spectators.”


That statement is not requiring that all indoor sporting events be cancelled. The OHSAA is continuing with high school competition this weekend while restricting spectators to parents only. The majority of OVR event spectators are the parents, making compliance with that policy a non-issue. Obviously if a facility/site is closed, that event will be cancelled. Many of our playing sites, colleges, schools, and public facilities are subject to local government control. The question remains, there are numerous private facilities hosting events; those facilities MAY choose to continue hosting events. The OVR will honor all sanctions granted the tournament hosts; the tournament host, has the discretion to cancel their event.

We must be proactive with our efforts to promote the safety and well-being of our members. With that being said, all events being held through March 15th can proceed as planned, with the restriction of parents being the only permitted spectators.  This is per a conference call on Wednesday, March 11th with the State of Ohio Governor's office and the state department of health.

On Monday, March 16th, circumstances may dictate a reevaluation of our position based on any new recommendations from the governor and the state health department. Everyone should be prepared for the potential cancellation of events in the very near future.

Any decision made will create discussion. The OVR is making every effort to stay informed and comply with all safety precautions.


Bob Price

Commissioner of the Ohio Valley Region

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