Dear RMR Members and Families:

Hoping all of you are in good health.

The RMR Board of Directors met last Monday to discuss the CONVID-19 situation and how it is affecting the RMR and it's members.

Right now and until at least April 30th, the RMR will follow the federal guidelines for social distancing.  Unfortunately, Volleyball does not fall into the category of essential business.  The RMR will not be conducting any sanctioned events until at least after that date.

The RMR is not sanctioning any events including but not limited to practices, private lessons, individual practices, leagues or tournaments until further notice.

We ask our members to be socially responsible and not participate in any such activities until the COVID-19 bans/restrictions are removed. 

On the brighter side, again depending upon circumstances, USAV has sent out the following information:   

GJNC's will be conducted in Dallas between June 24th and July 4th for the 17 & Under teams.

BJNC's will be conducted in Reno between June 27th and July 4th for all Boys teams.

The 18's GJNC has been postponed and will now be conducted in Reno between June 23rd & June 25th.

With that in mind, the RMR is tentatively asking Clubs and you to save the dates of May 30-31 or possibly June 13-14 to hold the Regional Qualifier for the Girls National Championships.  These dates would include the RMR 18's teams that wish to participate.

The RMR Board of Directors will convene again on April 9th to consider the most current information and send out another update shortly thereafter.

Thank you and stay healthy;


Glenn Sapp

RMR Commissioner



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