On Thursday, March 12th, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has issued a state of emergency.  The order has restricted mass gatherings to fewer than 100 people with emphasis on the importance of “social distancing.” He has mandated all K-12 public schools will be closed beginning Monday, March 16th, 2020, for a period of 3 weeks; there may be more restrictive policies implemented in the coming days.

USAV has issued a position statement, and a link to that information is posted on the OVR website. The RECOMMENDATION from USAV on cancellation of events extends to March 22nd, 2020. Please refer to the USAV website for updates from the National office. I want to encourage all parents, coaches, and club directors to check the OVR website on a regular basis for updates.

With the safety and well-being of our members in mind, the OVR will be suspending/cancelling all OVR-run events and tournaments (such as upcoming Bid Play-ins and the 18s Bid Qualifier this month), until further notice. To clarify this statement – the OVR cannot legally cancel an event that the OVR does not own/manage. That decision is at the discretion of the local tournament host, who must also abide by any orders or mandates from local or state authorities.

I want to strongly encourage all tournament directors to use their best judgement and cancel their events. I cannot emphasize enough how critical the problem is. The OVR wants to be part of the solution that supports the effort to combat this medical emergency.


The most frequently asked question: Can the clubs or teams practice?

Answer: That is a parent-club-team decision.

My response to practices: Are they necessary? Is it defeating the purpose of social distancing?


Bob Price

Commissioner of the Ohio Valley Region

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